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This week your ruling planet Mars changes signs into harmony-loving Libra in your zone of relationships. You prefer to act directly, with haste, yet you're going to have to keep your engine cool and peace out over this period. Do like John Lennon and Yoko Ono and make love or art , not war.

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Reparations may not be your thing, but this month it's worth taking the longer road to partnership bliss by allowing your significant other to take the lead. This month overall is about stepping into your polarity and trying it on for size. Consider the other party before making a move and be sure it's an equal "we," rather than too much "me. This is a great chance to get to know your partner, or a close friend much more deeply. It's time to do some sleuthing—no question is too provocative. Shake the figurative bush and see what flies out!

With action planet Mars moving into your work zone this week, it's time to put your recent ideas to the test. Step away from the drawing board and build, dear Taurus. If you've teamed up with an able collaborator, make sure you both put in equal effort.

Virgo Horoscope

Balance what is possible to actually achieve, with the pressure to transform or reach a large audience. You're ever practical, so rather than give up from overwhelm, just do what you can and that's enough. Take one step at a time. As Mercury moves into your relationship zone, you'll be extra chatty—make the most of it by peeling off as many layers as possible and getting down into the core of things in terms of relationships.

In health, you'll need to work off some excess steam. If you haven't already, it's time to get active. Under this transit, it's helpful to team up with a buddy to keep you both accountable to your routine on the daily. Your romance zone is hot with Mars demanding you to make that date happen. Fun and pastimes will also take on a more active tone with this planet of assertiveness ordering you to take the lead. Meanwhile, Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into your work zone, firing up your curiosity and need to look more deeply into this area.

You'll have plenty of ideas on how to transform your workspace or current systems and perhaps enjoy an ultra-deep and meaningful conversation with a colleague by the water cooler. In terms of health, mind-set is everything. Utilize the transformative energy to dig through and face any attitudes about your health that aren't supporting you. Apply the idea of elimination to them and transform your mind. Notice how your body responds to your thoughts, particularly how you respond emotionally to what you're thinking.

Take control by amplifying thoughts that feel good, and stop feeding the ones that leave you feeling minimized or drained of energy. Track them by checking in regularly throughout the day. Your domestic scene and partnerships are having a difficult conversation this week. Both areas of your life need harmony, so a major adjustment and doing things differently are in order.

It's not necessarily about compromise. But it's not about domination, a standoff, or a winner-loser scenario either. You prefer peace at the best of times, so ask how can you maintain harmony at home while also standing up for yourself and maintaining boundaries in your relationship. Mercury moves into your romance zone this week, providing some distraction. Let out your inner child by indulging interests that engage your mind. Solving mysteries or puzzles will let off some mental steam. Mars in your home zone means you're feeling extra feisty on the home front.

Channel excess energy into any kind of decorative or home-beautification project. Your mind is active this week as Mars fires up your zone of learning. Sharing information will be a priority. Remember there may also be a messenger for you, so stay open to learning. Free weekly horoscope for each star sign from renowned astrologer Kelli Fox.

Should the stars guide you when life is leading you down all sorts of dark and dangerous alleys? Horoscopes Your free Daily and Weekly Horoscope. The Sydney Morning Herald. October 8, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist. October 7, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist. Mercury has recently started an extended tour through Taurus April 5 - June Mercury rules Virgo, and thus there is much greater sensitivity to the retrograde cycle.

Travel Tips for Mercury Retrograde. It is providing us with a chance to re-examine various areas of our life which may need a little more work, so that we can move forward to a bright new dawn. Mercury also rules the hands; wash them frequently when in contact with the public. This Mercury retrograde period can simply be viewed as a particular period in which this planet moves in a backward motion. We are in the future looking forward and I am suggesting to use the gift of Astrology and the prophetic tool of Mercury's movement to assist you in waking up to a new level of your evolution.

In fact, the Roman god Mercury is directly associated with Hermes, the Greek messenger god. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo In times of destiny, when the threads of fate become loosened to be rewoven within momentous change, we can count on Mercury to slyly guide us in beguiling fashion. In October it goes retro in Scorpio. If you were in the train it would appear the car was moving or receding backward — but this is an optical illusion just like mercury retrograde. Virgo, September 24, Mercury ruler of Virgo , in your House of money, sextile Jupiter ruler of Virgo's House of home and family , in its Domicile.

What does it mean? Mercury in Scorpio can test you in the deepest regions of intimacy, whether the intimacy in question is emotional, sexual or financial. But, before you bury your head in the sand until it turns direct on March 28, you might not be in for all the inconveniences we're always. You have energy and authority and you have a better focus on your objectives.

Mercury in retrograde gets blamed for all sorts of things, but is it really as bad as it has been made out to be? What does it mean when the planet Mercury is in retrograde and how can you ride the wave instead of getting dumped out in the ocean with your head and everything else wet?. Even when you think the world is in the palm of your hand, you can always count on being served a slice of humble pie whenever Mercury rotates in a retrograde motion with Earth a phenomenon that is currently taking place, and ends on August 2, Also Mercury rules the Gemini and Virgo signs and we know these two sun signs will be affected.

It's Mercury retrograde time again—for the first time in We absorb everything, become flooded with emotion.

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Mercury retrograde will happen in from March 5 to 28, July 7 to July 31, and October 31 to November Keep in mind, this is happening in the two weeks between the solar eclipse on July 2 and lunar eclipse on July Mercury stations retrograde conjunct the planet Mars, the god of war. Trying circumstances will abound and applying the lessons of the retrograde might not be that easy.

In , Mercury retrogrades three times, Mercury turns retrograde March 5th at 29 Pisces Mercury turns direct on March 29th at 16 Pisces. There are a million little things that could stress you out this year. More surprises come. Mercury is the smallest and closet planet to the sun. This means you feel the brunt of Mercury Retrograde. Buckle up buttercups, Mercury Retrograde is cruising down the highway of communication and she will arrive in Virgo on August 12th and will be on an extended vacation until September 5th.

July 7 - 31, starts in fire-sign Leo, ends in water-sign Cancer. One way is to become tunnel versioned with respect to tasks, products and promises. We've finally closed out that wild ass eclipse season and Mercury retrograde madness just in time to end our hot girl summer on a high note. Courtesy of dorianlegret.

The pre-retrograde storm is the degree that Mercury will Retrograde back to.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, 12222

Virgo, this is an action-packed month. Below is how each of the zodiac signs will be impacted by the retrograde phase. Although you may see a lot of obvious solutions that could elude other minds, your insistence to help save the day may be misinterpreted and resented by your.

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They bring delays and glitches that make us worry about things going wrong. Mercury is also conjunct the driven and more forceful energies of Mars. If this is your Mercury, you're apt to be a wordsmith, someone that builds up language carefully. Mercury begins its retrograde in the sign of Leo on July 7th and finishes in the sign of Cancer on August 1st, Mercury is ruler of the of the 3rd and 6th houses of Aries natives. The retrograde Mercury in Virgo may generate some frustration for you as you charitably give your support and assistance to others in need.

You're already feeling antsy and irritable due to Mercury conjuct Mars in Leo and there is the Total Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn coming up soon. Astrological aspects for Mercury retrograde in Cancer Welcome to the Virgo season! While Leo is about drama, attention and fun, Virgo is an earth sign and the focus will shift to work, health and fitness. It likes detail. Saturn has lordship over 5th and 6th house and a lot depend on strength of Saturn in your Natal Horoscope. Mercury Retrograde in Mercury Retrograde in Pisces-Aquarius : 05 — 28 March Mercury's station retrograde on the 7th, followed by it's exact conjunction with Mars on the 8th, will mark the peak of energy.

Mercury moves out of Leo and into Virgo on Thursday, August 29, In the retrograde, begun at 5 degrees Leo our creative selves , Mercury returns to Cancer. During the build-up to Mercury retrograde, which included the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, Mercury formed two exact conjunctions with Vesta Mercury has been within three degrees of Vesta in Virgo since July Thank you beautiful souls for supporting this channel. Mercury is the most beneficial planet for communication, media industry, meetings, oratory skills, etc. How Uranus retrograde will affect you based on your zodiac sign will vary.

Mercury retrograde is yet to happen this Mercury Retrograde — The Hidden Factors July 9, July 10, - by Author Mercury, the planet of communication, speech and media goes into retrogression three times every year.

Therefore, the communication during the following month is going to be somewhat more difficult. Find out what that means for you and see when Mercury will be in retrograde motion for the rest of March 5 - 28, in water-sign Pisces. Natal Mercury in Virgo. And unfortunately for Sagittarius and Virgo, you've got two more weeks after retrograde to deal with these challenges, when Mercury goes into shadow.

Aug 8, Explore lillyroddyshow's board "Mercury Retrograde", followed by people on Pinterest. According to astrologers, Mercury retrograde in July has characteristics that will impact more on Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Virgo 23 August - 22 September Mercury Retrograde.

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Saturn retrograde will be passing through the 4th house of your horoscope which is considered as a very important house in Vedic Astrology and usually a malefic transit is not.